Meet Sophie...

Sophie*, 34, has perfect pitch, superb timing and multiple income sources.

Musician gets loan so she can stop renting and buy a home



  • She has perfect pitch, superb timing and multiple income sources.
  • Age: 34

  • Occupation: Musician and part time school music teacher

  • Income: $90,000

  • Assets: $45,000 in savings, $10,000 car

  • Liabilities: $15,000 owing on credit cards

  • Credit file:  Unpaid default $890 > 24 months

  • Sophie is separated, lives with her mum and has two children.

Her current situation

  • She would like to take the pressure off her mum and buy a home with a backyard and to give her children some stability.
  • Because of her family situation, Sophie’s salary is supplemented by Government family payments and child support. 
  • An unpaid default also narrowed her options as to which home loan lender can support her.


Real life solution

  • Sophie qualified for a Pepper ‘Near Prime’ home loan which meant she could stop renting and buy her dream home.




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