Insights Live 2023
Pepper Money Insights Live

Insights Live 2023

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Pepper Money organizes Insights Live for brokers
In-person Sydney event

In-person Sydney event

Event access and networking + on-demand recordings post-event
Virtual event

Virtual event

Online access to livestream + on-demand recordings post-event

The Event

Speakers talking at Insights Live

Market Outlook

Therese McGrath
Chief Financial Officer, Pepper Money

Examining the emerging economic order, going beyond the headlines to cut through the noise and help you understand what conditions really mean for you and your clients. 

Dan Collins speaks at Insights Live

How to hold your focus: tools for winning on repeat

Dan Collins
Elite Athlete and Business Coach

Drawing from his experience as an elite athlete, Dan offered the tools and mindset needed to maintain focus, prioritise effectively and achieve exceptional results – if you want to find out how you can work with Dan – get in touch with him at:


Meet our Speakers

  • Dan Collins
    Dan Collins

    Four time Olympian and Team Culture Expert

  • Mario Rehayem
    Mario Rehayem

    Chief Executive Officer Australia and New Zealand at Pepper Money

  • Pepper Money Therese McGrath
    Therese McGrath

    Chief Financial Officer Australia and New Zealand at Pepper Money

  • Pepper Money Ken Spellacy
    Ken Spellacy

    General Manager, Asset Finance at Pepper Money

  • Siobhan Williams
    Siobhan Williams

    Head of Mortgages, Retail Broker at Pepper Money

  • Pepper Money Steven Meek
    Steven Meek

    Chief Information Officer Australia and New Zealand at Pepper Money

  • Amelia Pignone
    Amelia Pignone

    Director and Senior Lending Specialist at LendX

  • Michael McEvoy
    Michael McEvoy

    Head of Sales, Asset Finance at Pepper Money

  • Barry Saoud
    Barry Saoud

    General Manager, Mortgages and Commercial Lending at Pepper Money

  • Behyad Jafari
    Behyad Jafari

    Chief Executive Officer at Electric Vehicle Council

  • Hussain Mufti
    Hussain Mufti

    Financial Advisor at Mufti Finance

  • Anthony O'Flynn
    Anthony O'Flynn

    Co-owner, IFA Mortgages and Finance

Market Outlook 2023

The economic market outlook:

  1. An examination of the emerging economic order, offering insight into current conditions and what they might mean for you and your clients.
  2. Unpacking the economic model you can apply to your business – the Value Tree – watch the video then download your copy of the Value Tree Model here.  

The market outlook for Electric Vehicles:

  1. An examination of the current state of the EV market - offering insight into conditions and what they can mean for you and your clients.
  2. Describing three key steps you need to take to set up for success. 

A brokers guide to building a better business with:

  • Barry Saoud, Pepper Money
  • Amelia Pignone, Lendx
  • Hussain Mufti, Mufti Finance
  • Anthony O’Flynn, IFA Mortgages and Finance
  • Steven Meek, Pepper Money 

Shifting Gears - Adapting to accelerate growth with:

  • Michael McEvoy, Pepper Money
  • Behyad Jafari, Electric Vehicle Council
  • Adrian White, Microsoft 

A very practical view from an expert – getting up to speed with AI in your business.

The Voice of Experience with: Adrian White Senior Director, Specialist Solutions, Microsoft Australia

Offering the wisdom of experience Anthony unpacks the key steps to building your business and how to apply them.

The Voice of Experience with: Anthony O’Flynn. Directing Mortgage Broker  IFA Mortgages 

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