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Posted: 22-03-2023

With research showing 1.19 million mortgage holders having been ‘At Risk’ of ‘mortgage stress’ in the three months to January 20231, those who traditionally qualified for a prime loan, could now need a real-life solution. That’s where non-banks come in. 

The good news is that we’ve made it really easy to get started. 

Real life = non-bank

Whether you call it non-conforming, non-bank, alternative, or specialist lending, these are all just different ways to describe borrowers' circumstances that may not tick the bank’s boxes. But, it’s a mistake to put these clients into the ‘too hard basket’ when there may be non-bank options available. 

Brokers who invest the time to help their clients navigate challenging times could set up their business for ongoing success. This doesn’t mean you as the mortgage broker need to work any harder or put in more work just because your client needs a real life solution.  


And it’s never been easier

Taking the guess work out of non-bank lending, we’re invested in providing you with innovative tech - so you can spend less time on the application and more time getting back to helping your clients. 

Here’s a snapshot of some of the ways we help you to succeed – from initial query to post-settlement. 

Decision SLA

Decision SLA

Home loans: 1 business day

Commercial: 3 business days 

Direct access to credit 

Direct access to credit 

Speak directly with our credit team about your client’s application.
Digital Identity Verification 

Digital Identity Verification 

Digital verification of identity (VOI) option with NextGenID. 

Loan Statements

Where CCR data is available, we no longer require loan statements for home loans being refinanced. 

One credit approval

Single approval for home loan and commercial real estate applications.

Simplified Valuations 

Automated and electronic home loan valuation options and commercial valuation ordering on CoreLogic Property Hub. 
Electronic Signing 

Electronic Signing 

NextGen e-signing of application documents and compliance tab. 
Application checklist  

Application, submission and approval checklist  

Increase you and your client’s time to ‘yes’ and reduce conditions and missing information requests, by knowing what supporting documentation is needed. 


Find your clients’ fit. You could identify a home loan option in under 5 minutes.  

We’re constantly evolving our processes, products, and policies to adapt to the market and your clients’ changing needs. Experienced and nimble enough to keep working on making non-bank lending easier than ever – we’re invested in your success.  


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